Sightseeing Abaco ON Day Trips

Island Hop to GREEN TURTLE Cay, Guana Cay, Man O' War, Elbow CAY, and tour Abaco.

Experience the culture and history of the Bahamas.

A chain of islands and reefs separate Abaco from the Atlantic Ocean.  Land is always in sight and each island is generally no more than 10 to 30 minutes apart from the next by boat - which makes 'island hopping' the perfect way to explore the area.

  • Green Turtle Cay.  Leave from the Ferry Dock by the airport.  Clapboard homes with gingerbread trim in pastel hues with picket fences.  Visit the museum, see the 200+ year old cemetery and the island's original jail.
  • Great Guana Cay.  The casual alternative to Green Turtle Cay.  5½ mile beach offers entry to the Guana Gardens - a Bahamas underwater national park.
  • Man O' War Cay.  Boats built on Man-O-War are internationally recognized for their designs and construction.  Explore the wide range of nautically-oriented shops and stores lining the waterfront.
  • Elbow Cay.  Hope Town is home to the most famous landmark in the Abacos – the red and white striped lighthouse.  Climb the 101 steps to the top - and bring your camera!  The views are simply spectacular.

At the same time, Abaco is one of the largest islands in the Bahamas, and you can drive almost 100 miles to see it all from end-to-end.


  • Marsh Harbour.  Marsh Harbour is the 3rd largest city in the Bahamas and the commercial center with a waterfront lined with boutiques and restaurants.
  • Little Harbour.  Founded as an art colony in the 1950s.  Tour the renowned foundry creating life-size marine bronzes, then relax at Pete's Pub for lunch.  The gallery, shops, pub and foundry are open to the public in season.
  • Cooper's Town.  Settled in the 1870s, it is a real Bahamian working town, with several local restaurants that are worth a visit!